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New Developments in Underground Cable & Vault Testing

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UNDERGROUND CABLE TESTING | See Exacter's New ConductoRx Network Cable Testing System Here!

Exacter is developing a technology for underground cable testing that can evaluate the condition of underground network cables without shutting down power or having to take a power outage (Learn More Here).   The cable testing system uses proprietary cable injection technology to provide an accurate, non-invasive, non-intrusive, non-destructive method to assess cable integrity   Exacter is seeking collaborative input from utilities interested in improving underground cable assessment. If you are interested, please contact Exacter founder and Chief Technology Officer, John Lauletta at 614-880-9320 or email him here.

For vaults, Exacter has a proven method for detecting dangerous electrical insulation conditions without a service man having to enter the vault.  This system has been used by a number of utilities and provides a new level of safety and accuracy for assessing issues in unknown underground vault environments.